Video: The Italian Carpool Lane

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Note updated 5/27/15:  Thank you all for the lively discussion taking place in the comments section.  I am delighted that this post has now become so popular that the comment section is attracting the attention of trolls. Please note that the following norms apply to the comments section.  Comments regarding the actual video are welcome, including negative comments and complaints that Mafia parodies are insulting to Italian-Americans.  The following comments will not be approved:
1)  comments containing foul language;
2)  personal insults aimed at me, Temple Mathews (the maker of the video), or other commenters;
3)  comments that attempt to steer the discussion into what would happen if we insulted or parodied other ethnic or racial groups besides Italians;
4) comments that have absolutely nothing to do with this video and are intended to start arguments about various subjects of interest including the 2016 election cycle, and why no one in the banking industry was punished for the financial meltdown.
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89 responses to “Video: The Italian Carpool Lane”

  1. Jackie Comito says :

    sooo funny….send more Italian stuff !!!

    • Matthew says :

      Jackie, I wish I could find others that would get the positive response that this one has gotten over the years — if I do, I will certainly post it. Thank you for your support!

  2. Cirocco James says :

    Che cosa è la materia con tutta questa gente che non apprezza l’umore. È tempo affinchè loro ottenga una durata di vorget a questo proposito.

  3. Larry Lucido says :

    I’d laugh but my hands are tied. Anyway, well done!

    • Jackie Cooper Comito says :

      Ohhh, this is sooo funny !!! Wait till my Italian husband sees this !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Dave !!!!!

  4. RR Marcella says :

    This does not represent the contributions that Italians have made to civilization, this country, or the world in general.

    • Matthew says :

      Yes, I agree, but it isn’t intended for that purpose, it’s meant as parody, not even of Italians or Italian-Americans, but of the so-called Mafia culture as depicted in popular film/TV, combined with a really funny take on driving New Jersey highways. And I feel well-qualified to speak on that last bit, having driven them for close to 50 years!

      • Adolfo Chiarino says :

        Hey Mathew, I’m Italian and not insulted coz I have a sense of humor so I forwarded this video to all my friends, Italian or not and if they don’t like it and have no sense of humor they can all do one thing………..hit delete. Rock on…..

      • FRAN DE SALVO says :

        If that is all you have to do to get away with driving in carpool lane, we all should tie up one of our “crazy relatives” in the trunk from now on. The cop’s take on it was the real parody & I’m not Italian or from Jersey.

      • Tony Zambony says :

        Yea, and iffa you don like it I breaka you face. Capich

      • Ron Palermo says :

        Some groups are too thin skinned to laugh at them selves and take offense at anything … Some are not…

    • James Petrie says :

      Why so defensive, ashamed?

    • Pixelbum says :

      Wellll…not ALL of them…

  5. chuck says :

    Being able to have fun while poking at yourself and heritage shows that you have a stronger mind then those who feign insult. Very funny video

    • Saverio Minervini says :

      Yes the joke is funny. But of course he’s not “Italian”. Italians live in Italy. it still stings that this stereotype is based on the worst aspects of the Italian immigrants that were forced to leave Italy with nothing, not even the ability to speak or write Italian (the majority were unschooled and spoke their local “dialect”). This guy is from Brooklyn and THINKS he’s “Italian” because he knows words like “ghalamarr” and “Mootzarell” and “Pastafazool” he heard his grandmother speak, which, of course is NOT “Italian” at all. It’s Napolitano. Yes I know this guy. I went to school with him and he stole my lunch money when I was 9 yrs old. Unfortunately he’s been replaced by a Russian. They don’t take insults kindly and they know how to sniff out your IP address.

      • Matthew says :

        Saverio, I hate to be the one to tell you, but your IP address is visible to me as the administrator of this blog. (This is true on all WordPress blogs, not just this one.) However, I promise not to reveal it to the Russian mob, even under threat of torture!

      • gino says :

        That must mean that all the Mexicans here aren’t really Mexican. What are they?

      • tony timmins says :

        severio…..get a life…a bit of light hearted humor, never heart anyone…i’m australian…ha how many times i get called skippy, or bruce …. growwa some ballzzz boy

      • John says :

        Una faccia una razza 😉

      • Tony Zambony says :

        I got something they can sniff.

    • David Syfani says :


      1. “…while poking at yourself…” – how about, “poking fun at yourself”
      2. “… mind then those…” – how about, “mind than those”

      Yes, I am of Italian descent and I too thought it was funny.

      • Franklin Mirasola says :

        Franklin Mirasola I must be stupid, I don’t see any problem here. One driver, one guy in the trunk equals two people.
        The cop made a mistake and apologized for it. Happens all the time. Everybodys happy (almost). Case closed! It could happen to anyone.

      • Matthew says :

        Franklin, I have tried unsuccessfully to make a case for driving in the car pool lane with one of my daughter’s giant stuffed animals as my “passenger” — at least in this video, the guy in the trunk is alive!

    • Linda Shehee says :

      Hey, what state is that? In California they’d getcha for “elder abuse” before they’d getcha for a carpool lane violation. Ha ha ha.

    • Edward Applebaum says :

      I am surprised that an Italian can talk with his hands and drive at the same time.

    • luca says :

      It is a fantastic video indeed. I like to lough about every one, and every one should be able to lough to iTALIANS

  6. Richard Claude says :

    I know a guy who knows a guy who knows that guy

  7. William Weigel says :

    Reminds me of a joke commercial Robert Deniro did for Mercedes

  8. Trae says :


  9. Guy says :

    I am Italian and not offended by it.

  10. Guy says :

    I loved it, l am Italian and offended by it.

    • Joan Graham says :

      I grew up in an Upstate NY Italian–American neighborhood and there were no Mafiosi, or if there were, nobody was aware of it. Everyone’s parents worked @ legitimate businesses and probably never got more than a parking ticket. I really think they would not be offended by this video. It was cartoonish and silly, and it seems unlikely that anyone would take it seriously. But @ the risk of being politically incorrect, I have to say that it was hilarious!

  11. edward haverly says :

    I can remember when ,,,,,,,Long time ago.????????

  12. Ann Martinez says :

    How many like “The Godfather”. One of my favorite movies.

  13. Ed d L says :

    Background music:is a Tango Name: La comparsita
    My favorite is the, Blue Tango.

  14. Tony says :

    If I recall correctly, the intro music played in this video is called “the BLUE TANGO”.

  15. tommy says :

    I think I know that GUY

  16. Giovanna says :

    What is the name of the background music. It’s fab!

    • Matthew says :

      Giovanna, I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of it, except that it’s a famous piece of music that’s often used for Italian things, and actually also in cartoons. Hopefully another reader will know the name and post it here!

      • Charlorre Catz says :

        I think the song is titled “Hernando’s Hideaway”…I can’t see the video, only hear the audio. 😦 Cat in NJ

      • Lucille says :

        Remember the movie SOME LIKE IT HOT with Marylyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemom and Joe E. Brown? Well, that’s the music they, Jack Lemon and Joe E. Brown, danced to with a rose in his mouth. I still lol just thinking of it. There’s a site that gives the music score of any movie. You can find the correct name/composer and who recorded it.
        Italian and not offended……it’s FUNNY! Get over yourselves! You known who you are.

      • Matthew says :

        Thank you for this update, Lucille, you are correct, and as previously mentioned, the name of this tango is La Cumparsita. If anyone would like to see the dance scene Lucille referred to, you can find it here:

    • Matthew says :

      I think Edd L wins the prize — I’ve just spent about 2 hours listening to tango music on YouTube and I’m pretty sure it’s “La Cumparsita” as he suggested — check that one out here:

      Hernando’s Hideaway and the Blue Tango both sound similar (though honestly if you listen to enough tango music all at once, it all starts to sound alike) — but I don’t think they’re exactly it. There are many performances of each on YouTube, just search on the song titles, and let me know what you think.

  17. rick Barnes says :

    I thought it was funny, but I guess some folks don’t approve, I’ve been called a red neck many times, still like red neck jokes. Some folks need to lighten up.

  18. bert taras says :

    everyone knows Italians don’t drive a cadillac anymore

  19. Kurto says :

    Hey that’s my Ex Brother in law…………

  20. Dorothee says :

    An Italian male from Italia would never dress like this driver, but VERY funny…especially the Joisey State Trooper!

  21. " the Don " Brownstone says :

    Great video. Truly enjoyed it. Just got back from Italy, and did not see any mafioso type car. We didn’t ride on a time train that did 245 km/h. What a rush!

  22. Massimo Bernacconi says :

    Nobody in Italy would dress that way 😉

  23. Ernesto San Giacomo says :

    Italian-Americans do not receive any open-minded ethnic sensitivity or an iota of political correctness. I guess the worst part is the fact that many feel free to do ethnic bashing of this sort, and then openly advertise it, and then get praised.
    Thanks Mr. Mathews for perpetuating every negative stereotype in just a few minutes.

    • Matthew says :

      Mr. San Giacomo, I regret that you were offended by the video, but I’ll venture to say that based on the many positive comments and likes it has gotten both here, on Facebook, and on YouTube, that the majority of Italian-Americans are not, and do not consider it to be “ethnic bashing”. Political correctness, which you refer to, is not necessarily a good thing, as one of its results is that nobody can say anything about anything without offending somebody. I am not myself Italian-American, but I am able to laugh at a good bit of fun poked at my own ethnic group (Eastern European Jews) without getting offended. If I had gotten resounding complaints about the video, I would have removed it, but honestly, it’s been posted for years, both here and previously on Posterous, and yours is the first negative remark I’ve ever seen. So again, I regret that you were offended, but I hope you’ll forgive me and enjoy the many other humorous posts on this blog!

    • DF says :

      The reason that these stereotypes exist, like most other stereotypes is that they either are or were perpetuated by the lifestyles that the people themselves chose. Stereotyping came about because the subject people invited it by the way they live. Are you saying that the Italians didn’t earn these stereotypes? JEEZE man, I’m married to an Italian !!! Tell me about stereotyping. I’m a mix of Louisiana French, Jewish and English. People think I’m a Cajun Jew that speaks English only as a hobby.

    • Roberto Stinziano says :

      Many Itatlian-American men are MEN. We don’t get our “feelings” hurt. The video was fun, put your big boy pants on..

    • Bridget says :

      Cmon, get over it. You need to have a sense of humor! People love Italian stereotypes because people enjoy their style, animated cool behavior in and out of movies. It’s just exaggerated humor and meant to get people to smile. Even Italian folks find it enjoyable. I can appreciate humor in all ethnic groups along with mine. Nothin evil is going on here so lighten up, and enjoy life and learn to laugh at yourself. You will be happier, easier to tolerate and more open minded. I think you kind of found it funny. You ate just too sensitive…

      • osburnltd says :

        Bridget, you are real people! We need less folks who are trying to be neo-Victorians, with “propriety” now being called, “political correctness.” History really does repeat itself.

  24. Lucy wheeler says :

    I’m italian, I laugh at my nationality. Life. was a lot more fun and uncomplicated back when we use to make fun of our ethnic shortcomings. I miss the Jewish jokes, the Irish jokes and how about the Polish jokes. And who can forget the black comedians with the black jokes. (Flip Wilson etc.). We laughed at each other and there was not the hatred there is today. Those of you under 45 are boring with no sense of humor.

    • Matthew says :

      LOL, Lucy Wheeler, and thanks! Having just written my reply to Mr. San Giacomo, it was refreshing to see your comment. Though I suppose now we will see lots of comments from offended under-45-ers!

    • Fred Finger says :

      What ever happened to Archie Bunker?

    • osburnltd says :

      Right on, Lucy!!!! A certain toughness was instilled along with the broader view that we all have weaknesses. Within the USA Northerners make fun of Southerners and Southerners have lots of laughs at the expense of Yankees. Country types have slams at city slickers and vice versa. You are so right, the P.C.Police have make criminals oout of too many of us.

    • Jack says :

      Fanf…king tastic!!

    • Dun Monroe says :

      Lucy. I’m of Scottish decent and we are so bland that nobody bothers making jokes about us. I wish they would. I guarantee that I would laugh.

    • Luigi Fossa says :

      Ah,,is there any American jokes?..probably not..!!… Fatti Furbi..!!

      • Matthew says :

        You know, Luigi, when you commented this, I thought, there must be American jokes, but when I googled “American jokes” and then added -native to avoid getting jokes about American Indians (sorry, folks), all I came up with were people from other countries posting things about America and Americans that were nasty and unpleasant rather than funny, so you may be right, there may not be American jokes. Readers, correct me if I’m wrong!

    • Pixelbum says :

      RIGHT ON LUCY!! BINGO! And…to paraphrase one of my hero’s (Clint Eastwood):

      “We’re becoming more juvenile as a nation…
      The guys who won World War II and that whole generation have disappeared,
      and now we have a bunch of teenage TWITS,”

      Does that work? ;]

  25. Charles Catalano says :

    Bene. Magnifico!

  26. Don Merker says :

    The video never came through! Don

    • Matthew says :

      Don, I’m not sure why you couldn’t see the video, I just tried and was able to watch it. Are you using a computer, or an app on a tablet/phone? Obviously I like it when people watch the video on my blog because it helps my stats, but if the link isn’t working for you, you can go directly to the video on YouTube here:

      Hope this helps!

  27. Barbara Shackelford says :

    Ha Ha, typical Italian!!! So funny!

  28. Daniel says :

    The Italian Fantasy is anyway always the best!

  29. xionchampion2013 says :

    How Italian is this!!

  30. CrystalRoses315 says :

    lfmao, my cousin Vinny shared this

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