The great parakeet hunter



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4 responses to “The great parakeet hunter”

  1. Neal, the Zooman says :

    One can see that both animals are innocent babies. The kitten is obvious and the bird has retained just enough morphology to give away his youth. Note in some photos the head stripes can still be seen as going all the way down to the bird’s cere, a positive sign of immaturity. Oh, and since the cere is blue we know it is a boy; no foolin’. One wonders if the pair will mature and become bonded enough that the bird will be secure in its featthers. Forty five years ago Sue and I had a budgie and cat who matured together. The cat allowed the bird to eat out of its food dish in tandem. The bird also rode around the apartment perched on the cat’s neck collar. I think I might have a photo somewhere but will be lucky if I find it as we accumulated several thousand of them; really.

    • Matthew says :

      Neal, thanks so much for sharing this info about birds! If you ever find that photo, let me know and I will be happy to share it here on the blog.

    • namibaby says :

      We had a blue parakeet that just loved the lab/cocker mix aka bird dog, drank milk out of the cereal bowls during breakfast without jumping in, and loved hair…. coolest bird EVER. He would go after the dogs tail when it wagged and pick at his nails…… gosh they were cool pets for kids

  2. Sheila Hibbard says :

    What an entertaining website!! Love the animal posts!

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