A tribute to Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel was a dear friend of mine from Longview, TX, who passed away in May, 2012.  We knew each other for close to 20 years, but I truly did not know what a good friend he was until he was gone and I realized that we had chatted more often online than I did with some of my other friends who I saw in person.  When I wanted to talk to someone about how much I missed him, I realized that he would have been the person I would have talked to about something like that.

Over the years, we talked about everything from family to world events, and messages from him on all of those subjects probably comprise 75% of the contents of my email account.  The Posterous blog “Hell in a Handbasket” was originally started years ago to hold (and share) the best of Mike’s humorous and curious sides.  Since Posterous will be coming to an end in March 2013, I am moving all of the original entries to WordPress; since there is so much of his still waiting in my inbox, I am going to continue making updates in his memory.

The blog name “Hell in a Handbasket” was already taken when I signed up, so I am using “tbi69”, which was Mike’s Yahoo handle.

Matthew Hoffman, Poinciana, FL


2 responses to “About”

  1. Chris Malkemes says :

    Hi Mike. It is nice to meet another “blogger” here in Solivita.

    • Matthew says :

      Hi, Chris, nice to meet you also, and to put a face to your posts over on the forum. I’m Matthew, by the way. Mike was one of my closest friends — I have been maintaining this blog in his memory since he passed away last year.

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