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Video: Kseniya Simonova – Extraordinary sand Animation (Ukraine’s Got Talent)


Elephant painting an elephant

This is a link to a Facebook post by Sheikh Nasr showing an elephant painting a picture of an elephant.  I haven’t been successful in embedding the video here, so just click on the link to view it on Facebook — it’s worth looking at.  I truly don’t know if elephants are smart enough to perceive their own appearance and do that on their own, or if it’s just an elaborate trick that the elephant has been taught, but either way, it’s pretty awesome.


The Renegade Seagull



(I have collected two different versions of the origins of this video clip.  If you have others, please post them as a comment.)

Version 1 – “Only in Texas”

A seagull in Galveston, TX, has developed the habit of stealing Doritos from a neighborhood convenience store.  The seagull waits until the manager isn’t looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size bag of cheese Doritos.

Once outside, the bag gets ripped open and shared by other birds.

The seagull’s shoplifting started early this summer when he first swooped into the store in Galveston, and helped himself to a bag of Doritos.  Since then, he’s become a regular.  He always takes the same type of chips.

The manager thinks it’s great because people are coming to watch the feathered thief make the daily grab and run, and that’s good for business, and especially since customers have begun paying for the seagull’s stolen bags of Doritos because they think it’s so funny.  

However, the manager did say, “This is Texas, and if that seagull starts to grab a 6-pack of beer to go along with the Doritos, I may have to put a stop to it.”

Version 2 - "Only in Aberdeen"

 A sneaky seagull has turned shoplifter by wandering into a store and helping himself to his favourite crisps.

The fearless bird lies in wait every day and pounces at a corner shop in Aberdeen when the door opens.

He sneaks in, grabs his spicy Doritos, then flies off with them in his beak and shares them with other birds.

The seagull, nicknamed Sam by staff and customers, has become so popular locals have started paying for his crisps.

Shop worker Sriaram Nagarajan, 22, said: “Everyone is amazed by the seagull.

“For some reason he only takes that one particular kind of crisps, nothing else will do for him.  But he’s got it down to a fine art.  He waits until there are no customers around and I’m standing behind the till, then he raids the place.”

Bosses at the RS McColl shop have now decided to keep the door closed to try to deter Sam.

But customers have taken pity on the bird and have started donating money to keep him in Doritos.

Sriaram added: “He’s becoming a bit of a celebrity.  Seagulls are usually not that popular but Sam is a star because he’s so funny.”

Video: The Fun Theory

Volkswagen in Sweden installed musical pads into a staircase, and found that 66% of people who would have taken the adjacent escalator chose the stairs instead.

If we had an Italian president from New Jersey

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