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A mysterious airplane in Google Maps

I was searching for an address in Kissimmee, FL, in Google Maps today, and when I switched to the satellite view, this is what I found.  Say what?  An attractively colored airplane sitting on the street in front of someone’s house in a residential neighborhood of Kissimmee, Florida?  I even went and checked it out on another computer, just to make sure it wasn’t some monitor glitch.  (Or a hallucination on my part.)  It wasn’t.


Having given this more thought throughout the day, and given the blurriness of the airplane image and the fact that it doesn’t show up at the same address in Bing Maps, or in the street view pictures of these two houses, I suspect that an airplane just happened to be flying past, in between the Google satellite and the ground, at the exact moment that the satellite was snapping the photo.  If so, that is so cool, and raises the possibility that there are other blurry airplane images scattered randomly throughout Google Maps.  If you have ever found one (or any other seemingly misplaced aerial object), please share with us via a comment!


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